How To Create a Spanish Style Breezeway How To Create a Spanish Style Breezeway

What You'll Need
2 x 4 pressure treated lumber
16 penny nails
6 x 6 square posts
Anchor Bolts
Pencil or marker
Spanish roofing tiles
Measuring tape
Chalk Line
Tar paper
Roofing nails
Roof adhesive
Wooden batten strips
Paint and painting tools

A breezeway is a great way to create an entertaining space or just a place to relax. If you have a detached garage and want a relaxing patio type space, a Spanish breezeway is an attractive and functional option that will add value to your home and makes the perfect place to visit with friends and family on a warm afternoon or evening. Creating a Spanish breezeway is not as hard as you may think, and this easy to follow how-to guide will show you just what to do. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Measure and Mark

Measure the height of your detached garage, then transfer the measurement to the side of your home that faces the garage. Use a level and chalk line to create a line on your home that will serve as the roof line for the breezeway. Then, measure and cut two lengths of 2 x 4 lumber that are the desired width of your breezeway. Use multiple pieces of lumber if the width exceeds 10 to 12 feet.

Step 2 - Attach Roof Supports

Ensure the pieces of lumber are level and nail them to the home and detached garage horizontally along the roof line you created with the chalk line.

Step 3 - Create Roof Joists

Cut two more pieces of 2 x 4 lumber that are exactly the same length as the distance between your home and detached garage. Then, begin at the edges of either side of the roof support pieces of lumber and nail the two pieces of lumber so that they form a rectangular frame between your home and the garage. Next, measure and cut 2 x 4 studs that can be toe-nailed between the two roofline support pieces. Nail the studs every 16 to 24 inches on the center between the two outer pieces of lumber.

Step 4 - Attach Plywood to Roof

Begin at one corner of the roof frame (joists) and start nailing the plywood to the top of the frame. Measure and cut sheets of plywood if full sheets cannot be attached to the roof.

Step 5 - Create Column Posts

Place 6 x 6 column posts at each corner of the new roof for support. If the ground area has a cement slab, attach with an anchor bolt. If not, you will need to pour a new slab or insert the post into the ground. Attach the top of the posts to the bottom of the roof frame with anchor bolts. Also, place posts in the center of the new structure on both sides (front and back).

Step 6 - Lay Spanish Roof Tiles

Line the top of the roof with tar paper and tack down. Then, beginning at one corner of the roof, lay the tiles and attach with roof adhesive.

Step 7 - Create Spanish Arches

Measure the distance between the posts and cut sheets of plywood to fit. Rip the sheets to a height of about 18 to 24 inches. Next, use a jig-saw to cut arches in the plywood. Nail to the posts.

Step 8 - Paint and Finish Up

Choose a Spanish themed color and paint the new structure.







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