How to Create a Synchronized Christmas Light Show

What You'll Need
Old computer speaker set
Christmas lights
Power cord cut from an unwanted device
Adapter for an outlet
Soldering gun
Wire strippers

Nothing is more exciting around Christmas time than driving around your town looking at houses decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights; especially if they are part of a Christmas light show. When you find a home that has gone that extra mile to put on a synchronized light show, using their Christmas lights, it is a memorable experience. This article will show you how to create this wonderful holiday experience for yourself.

Step 1: Setting Up the Speakers

Locate the main speaker. It is the one that will have the power cord running to it. Take this speaker apart using a screwdriver (a hammer can also work if it is stubborn). Once you have the internal components visible; use the soldering gun to remove the positive and negative wires that are connected to the amplifier.

Step 2: Attaching Speaker to the Relay

You will be using the soldering gun and solder so be very careful as to not burn yourself. You are going to connect the wires you just removed to the solid state relay. Locate the two leads on the far left on the solid state relay. Make sure that the words are facing up before connecting wires. On the lead that is furthest to the left you will want to solder the positive wire in place. Now you can solder the negative wire to the other lead next to the one you just used.

Step 3: The Power Cord

For this to work the setup needs some power. This is where it can get a little tricky if you are not used to working on electronic devices. On the power cord that you have; peel the wires apart. If your cord has a grounding prong, you will have three wires. When they are apart you can strip the plastic casing off of the wires. Make a hole in the case that the amplifier was in. It has to be large enough for this cord to fit through. Solder one of the wires (do not use the grounding wire) to the relay's third lead (from the left).

Step 4: The Adapter

Inside the speaker case make two notches. The adapter for the outlet should be able to fit inside. Ignoring the grounding wire again, solder the remaining wire from the power cord to one of the prongs of the adapter. The other prong of the adapter is to be soldered to the relay. There is only one lead left.

Step 5: Putting it all Together

If the speaker is still attached to the case, you can remove it. Put the power cord in the speaker case along with the relay. You can use electrical tape, duct tape or screw the case back together. Plug the power cord in to an outlet, attach the audio input to a music source and attach the Christmas lights to the adapter. Turn on the power and the music.