How to Create a Victorian Style Kitchen How to Create a Victorian Style Kitchen

What You'll Need
Cast Iron Stove
Cast Iron Stove Top
Ceramic Tile
Crown Molding
Silver Trays
Silver Dishes
Victorian Cabinet Knobs/Handles
White Paint
Laced White Curtains

A Victorian styled kitchen is reminiscent of a time that once was. Cast-iron stoves, hardwood flooring and crown molding is what makes the Victorian styled kitchen so popular today. Kitchens of this era were bright and functional. A feeling of a warmth and welcoming atmosphere is what this period in time was all about. Follow the steps below to give your kitchen a Victorian style feel.

Step 1 - Replace Conventional Stove

Nothing says Victorian quite like a cast iron stove and stove top. Visiting your local antique shop or shopping in your local area or online can turn up a cast iron stove for you. Converting these type stoves into a gas or electrical energy source is possible. You will be able to have the Victorian appeal with modern convenience.

Step 2 - Convert Your Flooring

Hardwood flooring was popular in the Victorian era. If your kitchen floor is not already hardwood, ceramic tile can also be used to re-create the Victorian era. Replacing your existing floor with ceramic tile is also a cheaper alternative than installing hardwoods.

Step 3 - Purchasing Silver Accents

Silver was also a major part of the Victorian era. Silver eating utensils, silver serving trays and silver dishes adorned many Victorian kitchens. These items can also be found at an antique shop or other local stores. Find and buy as much silver as you can to decorate your Victorian kitchen.

Step 4 - Convert Cabinetry

Removing all your cabinets and replacing them with Victorian styled cabinets can become costly. A more economic approach would be to find Victorian styled handles and knobs and replace your existing knobs. Painting the cabinets the same color as the walls of your kitchen and then adding the knobs and handles would be ideal for your new kitchen creation.

Step 5 - Paint

Victorian kitchens were brightly colored. Light that came into these kitchens were mostly natural until light fell and the bright painted walls made the kitchen seem larger and more open. If your kitchen is now a medium to dark shade, you will want to choose a bright color to give it that open feeling. Painting your cabinetry will also help brighten your kitchen.

Step 6 - Crown Molding

Adding the elegance of crown molding to your ceiling will surely set the tone for a Victorian kitchen experience. If you currently have other molding in place or no molding at all, adding crown molding will further create a Victorian feel and elegance in and throughout your space.

Step 7 - Curtains

Curtains were rarely used in the Victorian era. Having curtains at the kitchen window took away from the natural light that helped to brighten the space. If you must use curtains, selecting a laced white curtain or a color that blends beautifully with the colors that you have chosen will help finish off a great Victorian kitchen creation.


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