How to Create a Wedding Website How to Create a Wedding Website

Whether you are planning a modern wedding or a traditional one a, a wedding website is a must. Use this great tool to customize your wedding plans and stay connected with your guests and wedding group with ease. You can use this online tool to plan your wedding, budget for it, and send invitations to all your guests. You can keep track of who is coming to your wedding by using the RSVP tool that most wedding websites have. All these and more are possible with a wedding website.

Selecting a Web Host

To create your own wedding website, select a good web host. This is important as the website must be accessible at all times. You do not want the server to be down at a time when a guest is trying to access the website for details of the ceremony.

Using all the Features

Next, follow the recommendations of the wedding website host and organize your wedding. There are bound to be sections such as the wedding venue and wedding schedule that need to be updated by you. Most web hosts allow you to choose your own colors and fonts for the website. Choose colors that complement your wedding theme. That will be a reminder to your guests about what to expect at the wedding and will help your guests wrap up the gifts in appropriate colors.

Guest List

Next, upload your guest list and use the feature offered to email the invitations to your guests. They can RSVP their responses by email. Again, most websites will automatically update the RSVP list. Other guests can view this list and perhaps make their plans accordingly. This list also serves as the focal point of the social gathering that is a wedding.


Have a link to your registry placed on your website. This will make it easy for your guests to choose what gift they want to give you and your spouse on your big day.

You can also have a block-this-day feature that operates from your website. This will send a mail to your guests asking them to block your wedding day in their calendars. This too is a great tool that makes full use of modern technology to make your life easier.

Keep It Updated

Use your website to update your guests and family about your wedding plans. Most websites will also have space for a FAQs column. Use this feature to keep your guests informed about the venue and the route they need to take.

Have a section where your guests can upload their photos. This way the introductions are done easily with a minimum of fuss and hassle. You can also upload photos of yourself to create the mood of the wedding.

Make full use of the wedding planning tools that the wedding website host offers. This will help reduce the stress that organizing such an event can produce and make the whole effort more fun. The wedding planning tool also helps you to remember all the tiny details that go into making such an event a success. Use it to the hilt to make your wedding one of the best this year.

Interactive Message Board

Have an interactive message board added so that guests can post their good wishes and suggestions. This will make the planning a joint effort and involve everyone in the proceedings.


There are many more details that you can add to a wedding website. However, these are the most important ones. Make full use of all the features offered and plan a great wedding that reflects your personality and your commitment to each other.

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