How to Create an Eco-Friendly Lighting System for a Saltwater Aquarium How to Create an Eco-Friendly Lighting System for a Saltwater Aquarium

What You'll Need
Your tank
Knowledge of Your Fish
Light Fixture
If you have a salt water aquarium, chances are you're going to want to fit it with a good light system. But certain types of lights can cause harm to both the fish and the environment when they are disposed of. In this article we're going to come up with a solution to that problem by covering how to build an eco-friendly lighting system for your salt water aquarium.

Step 1: Plan Your Aquarium

Do you want a fish only tank or do you also want to have coral and anemones? This is important because different fish—or mollusks if that's the case—require different kinds of lighting. If you have a creature in your aquarium that's from a deeper part of the ocean you may not even require lighting as long as you place your tank away from direct sunlight. If the fish or mollusks in your tank are from closer to the surface, then your lighting needs become more complicated. However, it's recommended that you keep your tank out of direct sunlight regardless as sunlight promotes the growth of algae, which can quickly become a problem for your fish and your aquarium.

Step 2: Choose a Fixture Type

Do you want a light pendant or a light hood that goes on the top of your aquarium? Typically the lights that you find for something like this contain trace amounts of gas that can be harmful to the environment, so we're going to cover some environmentally friendly alternatives to the lights that you typically find in the pet store. There are two stores that offer environmentally friendly lighting fixtures for your tank. The first is  and the other is Both of these sites are environmentally conscious and offer the kinds of lights that you're looking for. The recommended light for this is the KR92 led aquarium light.

Step 3: Install the Fixture

After you've purchased your environmentally friendly light it's time to install it. Light fixtures generally come with their own instructions, so go ahead an install according to the directions for installation. These are typically built with LED lights rather than the halide that is typical in the aquarium lighting at your local pet store.

Step 4: Position Your Tank and Lighting System

As mentioned above you're going to want to avoid contact with direct sunlight as sunlight encourages the growth of algae. One of the problems with this algae is the fact that fish that eat algae are typically fresh water and cannot survive in a salt water tank. Your saltwater tank will need a location that doesn't get direct or indirect sunlight. The best place for this would be either the basement or another room downstairs.

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