How to Create Attic Storage above Your Garage

a garage
  • 12-48 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,000--5,000
What You'll Need
Building regulations
Building plans
Extra trusses
Attic hatch kit
Loft ladder kit

If you have a garage, then you might want to create a little bit of attic storage above it. The biggest problem with these types of spaces is load capacity. If the trusses of your garage roof cannot support an attic, you will find that holes will develop in the ceiling of the garage. However, if the load capacity is large, then you will be able to support an attic storage space.

Step 1 - Assess Your Garage

Before you can start any serious work on your garage, you will need to assess the weight capacity of your garage roof. First, get the plans for your building, preferably the blueprints. The blueprints will show exactly how many trusses your garage roof has, and in what position. This will tell you if there is enough support there to create an attic in the space above the garage ceiling. You should also check building regulations for your surrounding area. You may be able to add extra trusses to the garage in order to secure the attic properly.

Step 2 - Create an Attic

The next step is to create the attic. The first thing you need is access to the attic. Using the measurements from your loft ladder kit, you should cut a square out of your garage roof. This will give you access to your attic storage. Then, you can add the attic hatch frame kit. This will allow you to secure the opening so that you have stairs. These pieces can easily be installed by following the instructions on the boxes and using some tools such as a hammer and a drill. When you have finished installing the attic ladder and hatch, you will be easily able to walk up and down the ladder to complete the storage space creation.

Step 3 - Create a Storage Space

Take the floorboards and place them over the floor joists in the attic. Only cover the areas where you wish to store items. Place one floorboard into position, and nail it into place. You should then line up the following board against it. It is possible to purchase kits which will allow you to create floorboards, but you can also do this by using some simple plywood sheets and a few nails. The most important part of installing the floorboards is making sure that the first one is fitted correctly, with the wood straight, and laying evenly between the joists. Once you have fitted the floorboards, organize the garage storage space. You will need to add proper ventilation in this part of the attic in order to stop mold, which can include vents, such as soffit vents, and also attic fans to keep the air moving.