How to Create Available Attic Storage Space

Storage containers on shelves in a garage, with odds and ends scattered about.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-100
What You'll Need
2x4-inch furring strips
3/4-inch plywood

If your home is overflowing with items that seem out of place, consider attic storage as an easy solution. This tutorial will help you install an attic floor that can be used as a safe and simple storage space.


Take a closer look at your attic. Older homes have 2x8-inch or 2x10-inch joists, which will support a floor with heavier items on it. However, if you have a newer home with 2x4-inch supports, you may need to make sure only to store smaller items up there. The 2x4-inch joists will safely support only about 10 pounds per square foot.


For the purposes of this article, you will be making a 5x5-foot section of attic flooring. To do so, first place 1x4-inch furring strips on top of the joists, leaving enough room so that any wires can go under your new floor. Next, use a circular saw to cut the plywood for your floor. Once the plywood is cut, simply nail the plywood into place on top of the furring strips.