How to Create Basic Cement Flooring Designs

What You'll Need
Circular Saw
Diamond Blade
Chalk Line
2x2 Wood
Etching Solution
2-inch Masking Tape
Concrete Stain
Paint Roller or Sprayer

Basic cement flooring designs can be created on a concrete floor using various techniques, including scoring and staining. The designs can be made as a DIY project instead of hiring professionals. However, more elaborate designs should be made by trained professionals. Here is how to create basic cement flooring designs.

Step 1 – Planning

In the planning stage, it is important to take note of the technique to be used. The easiest way to design the concrete floor is to stain it. Simple designs can also be created through scoring, but this requires working with a scoring saw. Scoring should be done in line with staining. There are other ways to create more elaborate designs, including stenciling and stamping, but these require more careful attention to detail.

Step 2 – Creating a Design

To score the concrete, be ready with a design. The design should have lines that are straight as possible since circular lines are harder to score. Search for good designs online or visit neighbors to check what designs they have used. The design can be as simple as a four, five, or six-pointed star. It can also be a series of other shapes, like squares simulating a tiled floor or hexagons that are like a huge bee nest. Various design patterns can be made using the imagination.

Step 3 – Scoring the Concrete

Determine the dimensions of the design and mark them over the concrete using a chalk liner. Set the saw to cut at a depth of 1/16 of an inch and a width of 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch. Use a piece of 2x2 wood as a straight edge guide when scoring. Wear safety goggles and a respirator mask. Position the saw over the line, start it and wait for it to achieve full speed. Lower the saw over the line and let it score the concrete. Move the saw forward to score the design. After the concrete has been scored, clean the debris and prepare for staining.

Step 4 – Preparing the Concrete for Staining

Start by cleaning the concrete floor. Remove any spots using a wire brush and sweep any dust and debris off the concrete surface. Dampen the mop and clean the floor thoroughly. Cover all areas touching the floor (walls, stair risers, posts, and doors) with a 2-inch masking tape.

Pour etching solution according to manufacturer’s instructions on all scored lines and let it dry. Prepare the concrete stain solution in a container. The usual ratio is one part water and one part stain. Apply the stain on the floor using a paint roller or a sprayer. Make sure not to leave any area untreated. Allow the stain to dry for about thirty minutes and reapply the stain. Let the stain dry for about 48 hours and apply a concrete sealer. Allow the sealer to dry and remove the masking tape on the walls, doors, and stair risers.