How to Create Euro-Pleated Draperies

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What You'll Need
Drapery fabric
Drapery lining
Sewing machine
Tape measure
Pencil and paper
Iron or other fabric-friendly pressing device
Sewing pins
Fabric rod rings

Euro-pleated draperies are draperies that have the folds pinched together at the top, but flare out at the bottom. The folds in euro-style pleats are much deeper than other types of pleated draperies, giving them a more dramatic effect. Euro-pleated draperies can be quite expensive, but you can save money by making your own.

Step 1 - Measure for Your Draperies

Have the curtain rod and rings already hung. Measure from the bottom of the rings to the bottom of the floor and subtract about 1/4 inches to get your finished length.

The fabric should be at least twice as wide as the area you plan to cover (or wider). You can usually go with the width the fabric is already sold in. For the length, add 10 inches for the bottom hem and 14 inches for the heading. For the lining, the width should be the same as your fabric minus 3 inches and the finished length plus 6 inches for the bottom hem and header.

Step 2 - Sew Bottom Hems

Fold the bottom of your fabric up 5 inches and press it, fold it another 5 inches and press, then pin it and sew it in place. Do the same with the lining, except fold it 2 inches up (pressing after each 2 inch fold), pin it, and hem it in.

Step 3 - Sew Lining to Fabric

Set your fabric face up and lay the lining face down on top with the bottom 1 inch above the bottom of the fabric. Line up one edge, pin and sew it together with a 1/2 inch seam, and repeat for the other side. Turn it inside out; the fabric should fold over the lining side by about 1 1/2 inches. Pin and press the sides so that they lay flat.

Step 4 - Hem and Sew the Top

With the fabric laying lining side up, fold the top raw edge down and hem it. Measure from the bottom up to the top of your finished length. Mark where your finished length is with a couple of pins and fold the top down so that the edge goes about 1 inch past the pin line. Sew the top in place along the pin line.

Step 5 - Add Rings

Sew or clip your rings to the fabric along the line you just sewed, allowing the excess at the top to fold down across the top of the front. Be sure to space them out enough that you can fold and pinch the top.

Step 6 - Pinch the Top

Measure out the center between each ring and mark it with a pin. Make your fold here, and pin the top together about 2 to 4 inches back from the fold (how far back depends on how much extra fabric you have and how deep you want your folds).

Along these new pins, sew the top folds together from the top down to about 2 inches. You can go up to 4 inches down from the top if you have especially long drapes. Press your folds at the top so they have a good crease.