How to Create Garden Sprayers

What You'll Need

Garden sprayers are an efficient way to keep your garden healthy and looking beautiful. With a garden sprayer, you can safely and easily apply pesticides, herbicides as well as fertilizers. The following will provide a guide to help you create your own garden sprayer.

Step 1 – Assembly

Your sprayer equipment is crucial when building a garden sprayer. To ensure that you are going to be building a successful sprayer, take time to get the right parts and assemble them properly. Start off by attaching your hose to the tank. There should be a hole in the lid into which your hose will fit securely. The other end of the hose is where your gun is going to be attached. The nozzle is what controls the spray from the gun. Installing the pump is what controls the amount of fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, powder or whatever it is you are spraying.

Step 2 – Crop Sprayer

Fill your bucket with the liquid or powder that you wish to spray. Make sure to check the amount that your gun is spraying out and consistency that the nozzle is spraying. Check these things out before you use it on the desired area that needs to be sprayed. Having a test spot is always a good idea so that you can get a good feel for your sprayer. Once you have the desired amount, you can begin.

Pesticides, herbicides, powders and fertilizers vary from plant to plant. Be sure that you know how much should be added before doing this so that no harm is done to your plants or garden.

Step 3 – Safety Tips

Safety is important, regardless of the task for which you use your sprayer. The less contact the liquid from the sprayer has on your skin, the better. Even if your skin is not punctured, it can still get into your blood stream. Be sure to always wear goggles. Wearing clothes that cover most of your skin is ideal. If you are using a pesticide, read the directions on it carefully. Do not spray it in areas where a pet or a child can come into contact with it. Fertilizers should be used with care as well. Too much can do a great deal of damage to your plants and garden. It is best to read the directions on any of these products before hand so that you will know how much should be used for your garden.

It is very important that you take great care in thoroughly cleaning out the bucket immediately after each use. Cleaning products may vary depending on what you had your bucket filled with. Read instructions for each product on how to remove it.