How to Create Home Wall Decor How to Create Home Wall Decor

Making home wall decor is an important part of creating an individual feel for your home. Organizing home wall decor can sometimes be very complicated because it is difficult to get a uniform impression when you decorate in pieces. You should first begin by organizing the wall unit as one single piece. You can use as many pieces as you choose, so long as they are all color-coordinated and arranged to suit the room in which they are positioned. The best kinds of home wall decor sets include a range of items, both display ornaments, frames, plants and the fabric of the wall itself.

Making a Home Wall Decor Set

Before making any kind of home wall decor, you should decide where you would like these pieces to be: is there a particular room that desperately needs brightening, or some badly-painted wall that needs a lot of decoration to hide behind? Once you have found the place where your home wall decor will go, you are ready to start creating the pieces that you will use.

First, take a couple of glass photo frames, and insert pictures into them. These pictures can be relevant to the room, or to the family (you may even choose to frame a school or university certificate), or they could just be pictures that you particularly like. Once you have framed your pictures, look around for an ornament that can compliment these frames. Again, you can choose an ornament that has particular value to you, or you can find one by visiting antiques stores and markets. The Ornament should be cleaned thoroughly before use.

Using Plants and Vases

Next, decide what sort of plants, or flower vases, you would like to feature below your pictures and ornament. Choose a plant that either compliments the picture you have chosen, or one that contrasts fully with it. For example, you might choose a picture with a lot of lines and angle in, and then choose a plant that is very rounded and circular. Together these two items compliment each other, but you should also remember that other items in the room might make them look too contrasting to have a positive effect.

Placing Home Wall Decor Items

Take all of the things that you intend to use on your wall, and arrange them so that you can find the right position for all of them. Mark these positions with masking tape or a pencil, and then drill a hole in the necessary areas. Make sure that a nail fits securely into the hole, and then hang your pictures. If you need to install a shelf below this to set off the home wall decor properly, then make sure that you fit wall hangers, in order to properly support your ornament and plants.

Place the decorations on the lower shelf: if they have been arranged properly, they should all have a correct space, and easily fir into position. Make sure that they are not too heavy for the shelf.

Organizing and building wall decor can be easy and quick. Just be sure to keep the overall picture of the unit in mind when decorating.

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