How To Create Kitchen Island Carts

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A kitchen island cart is a great alternative to having a permanent island in the center of a small kitchen. Many kitchens are not big enough to have a kitchen island taking up more room, so a mobile version, or a cart, is most widely used.

If you like to entertain but do not have the space, here is a quick custom kitchen island cart that you can build easily with a few power tools and basic woodworking skills.

Cut Pieces of Wood to Dimensions

When you think about a kitchen island cart you are basically looking at a rectangular box. You will be mostly using the plywood sheets as the body of the box and the lumber as a framing material. With a table saw cut out the plywood sheets down to three pieces of 22 x34-inch sizes. These will be the sides and the back. Cut down two more pieces to 22x34 1/2 inches for the shelves. Cut out the top of the frame by using the 1x4 lumber and cut down to 37-inch lengths. Cut the face frame out of the 1/2-inch lumber in lengths of 34 inches. Cut doors out of 4 pieces of plywood to 17 1/2 by 27 1/4 inches.

Assemble the Frame

Once the pieces are all cut out, put them on the worktable. Start to assemble the body by gluing the ends of the sides and back together and fastening with finishing nails. Place this in bar clamps until dry. Cut out small cleats for the shelves and nail them to the inside of the sides. Install the shelving onto the cleats and attach it with wood glue alone.

Sand Excess Glue Off

Once the glue has dried run the belt sander over the frame and remove any excess glue. Sand it to a smooth finish without gouging into the wood.

Assemble Face Frame

Take one of the 1x4 face frames and apply glue to the back of it. Attach to one side of the front of the kitchen island cart and secure with finish nails. Do the same with the other side.

Put on Top

Cut out a piece of plywood to fit the top of the kitchen island and attach it to the top of the frame with finish nails.

Fill in Nail Holes and Attach Door

Fill in all the nail holes with wood putty and sand the entire kitchen island cart down one more time. screw the hinges to the door and the face frame and make sure they are level and open freely. Apply a coat of sealant and two coats of stain to give it a rustic finish.