How to Create Smoke with a Dry Ice Machine How to Create Smoke with a Dry Ice Machine

What You'll Need
A dry ice machine
Dry ice fluid
Old sheets
An oscillating fan

You can use a dry ice machine to create a smoke effect in a room. Fog machines are safe to use inside but you should follow some precautions to achieve the best results and to prevent any accidental injury to any other people in the area of the smoke.

Step 1 – Preparing the Space

Determine where you want to place the dry ice machine. Be sure to use a space that will provide a great deal of ventilation. Remove any items of value from the space where you plan on using your fog machine. The machine will create a light film that will fall on anything that is located in the space. Either remove the furniture in the space or cover it with a plastic covering or old sheets. Remove any potentially dangerous items from the space as well. The smoke created by the machine will make it difficult to see. You will want to prevent any situations where someone could accidentally get hurt from a bump or a fall.

Step 2 – Positioning the Dry Ice Machine

Determine the best and safest location for the dry ice machine in the space you have chosen. Dry ice machines can become hot over time. Place the machine in a spot where there is no potential for an accidental fire.

Step 3 – Ventilating the Space

The smoke from the dry ice machine can be a breathing irritant, particularly to people with allergies and scent sensitivities. Open the windows in the space and turn on a fan in order to best ventilate and circulate the air in the space.

Step 4 - Checking the Fluid Level

Check the fluid level in your dry ice machine before you attempt to plug it in. The fluid container in the machine should be full. Once you turn on the machine, be sure to check the fluid levels every half hour. If the reservoir gets low, refill it. Operating your dry ice machine without any fluid can cause the pump motor to burn out.

Step 5 – Powering the Dry Ice Machine

Be sure that the circuit breaker to the outlet you are using for your dry ice machine can support the amount of wattage needed. Do not overload your circuit breaker. If you are using an extension cord, be sure that you do not overload it either. Be sure the extension cord is free from any water, snow or ice. Position the cord so that it is out of the way of the foot traffic in the room. If necessary, tape the cord down to the floor to prevent anyone from accidentally tripping over it.

Step 6 – Testing the Machine

Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the dry ice machine before you begin. Turn on the power. Test the machine to be sure that it is operating properly and to ensure that the smoke alarm does not sound. If the smoke alarm sounds, remove the battery or disconnect the wires in order to operate the machine without alarming anyone. Make sure that you take the time to reconnect the smoke alarm when you are finished using the dry ice machine. Do not leave the machine unattended at any time.

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