How to Create the Containers for Organic Container Gardening How to Create the Containers for Organic Container Gardening

Organic container gardening is gaining popularity and also due to its various advantages people are accepting it gladly. Organic container gardening is inexpensive and eco-friendly. This is the main reason for its acceptance. Organic container gardening is also very easy and requires less amount of space. You do not need to buy many things for doing this as you can make the necessary things from very common household and waste materials. Having the right container is the most important part of this gardening process and so you must learn how to create the containers for organic container gardening.


  • Drill
  • Used material for creating the container

Step 1: Choosing the Appropriate Material

The container can be made from any number of items. Many containers that were intended for other purposes will do nicely after little modification. You can always use terracotta pots that are available at garden center, but you can save money by repurposing an existing container. Watering cans can be used for this purpose as can old paint cans although they would have to be thoroughly cleaned first. You can use buckets or kitchen canisters for growing mid-sized plants. You can even use bowls or cowboy boots for small sized plants. For growing vegetables or other bigger plants you can use old bath tubs or any king of large container of that size. You can use egg cartons for growing seedlings.

Step 2: Cleaning the Container

After choosing the suitable material for your container you must clean it properly, with special attention toward removing toxic materials and any kind of fungus or bacterial growth. Clean it with alcohol if necessary, making sure you are not using any such cleaner that is harmful for the soil. Always use water in the end for cleaning it as even soap is harmful for the soil if it is present in the container.

Step 3: Size of the Container

The size of the container determines the amount of soil that will be present which in turns determines the amount of water present in the container. The depth of the container is also a essential factor as you cannot grow plants which have a long root in some shallow container. For growing such kind of plants you need to have a deep container like a bucket or a kitchen canister. If you are intending to grow vegetables, then always choose a large container as these plants require lot of water.

Step 4: Hole in the Bottom of the Container

A hole in the bottom of the container is very important and in case the container is very large you need to have several holes. Use the drill to make the hole of a proper size. Make sure the hole is not very Large otherwise all the soil will get washed away.

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