How to Create Your Own Colorful Deck Awning How to Create Your Own Colorful Deck Awning

What You'll Need
Sun screen fabric
PVC pipe, 1/2 inch diameter
4 3-hole PVC connectors
PVC pipe cutter
Sewing machine
2 flagpole holders

Deck awnings can be very useful in the high summer. When it’s too hot, you can put up the awning and feel the cool of the shade as you sit outside. Using colorful material brings in plenty of brightness, although you need to be sure that you use sun screen fabric to keep away the UV rays. It’s not a difficult job and one that only takes a minimum amount of sewing skill.


Step 1 - Size

The size of the deck awnings is dictated by the size of the deck. For free standing deck awnings that are 10 feet by 10 feet, and which stand 10 feet high, you’ll need to cut the PVC pipe into 8 lengths of 10 feet, The material will need to be 10 feet 3 inches by 10 feet 3 inches. This will offer you a good patch of shade on the deck. You can adjust the sizes to your own needs.

Step 2 - Material

Be careful in your choice of material for the deck awnings. You need to select sun screen fabric, but make certain that it has a 75 per cent sun block. If you go for anything less, you might as well just sit out in the sun for all the real protection the awning will offer.

Step 3 - Sewing

Cut a 1 ½” square from each corner of the fabric. Now turn over the excess of fabric on each side. You’re going to need your sewing machine to join the excess to the fabric, leaving an opening for the poles to go through. This is the most complex part of creating the deck awnings.

Step 4 - Poles

Slide the poles through each of the pockets until you have one on each of the four sides. Take your PVC connectors and attach two of the poles at right angles, with the third hole of the connector pointing in the direction that will be down. Connect up the other 3 corners, always making sure that the free holes point in the same direction as the first connector. Push the pipes firmly into the connectors, but not so tightly that you can’t pull them out later.

You don’t want to glue the pipes in place. The whole aim of these deck awnings are that they’re quick to assemble and take apart. Now, put the remaining four poles in the holes, and you have a freestanding deck awning.

Step 5 - Attached to the House

If you want deck awning that attach to the house, simply leave out on of the lengths of pole that slide through the fabric, and nails the fabric there to the house at a height of 10 feet. Also leave out the connectors that attach to it. Leave everything else as it was for the previous assembly. To secure the bottom on the awning in place, nail flagpole holders to the bottom of the wall and slide the poles into them.

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