How to Create Your Own Septic Tank Treatment

A close up on a septic tank.
What You'll Need
Boiling water
Brown sugar
Dry yeast

Are you looking to make your own septic tank treatment? Septic tanks are most commonly made with concrete but they are also sometimes made with fiberglass. They are intended to hold a large amount of waste, so your toxic or unsanitary discards such as cleaners and bleaches, are handled with no problem by your septic system. As long as you care for and maintain the system properly on a regular schedule and you seek professional help if you can’t fix something on your own, you should have no problems with your septic tank.

Possible Issues

What usually does cause the problems with your system is low microbial activity, meaning not enough good bacteria functioning in the tank. The bacterial acts as an agitator that breaks down waste materials that form in the tank. This allows the system to operate most efficiently. So the key is to keep up good microbial activity in the tank and, to that end, there are many treatments available to help you do that. The only issue you’ll need to stay aware of in using a treatment for your system is that as these solutions work to establish biological activity, they also often kill the good microbial activity as well since they are harsh chemicals. This, of course, can cause harm to your system.

Another major issue is the expense of purchasing treatments for the tank. So, how do you get around these problems? Well, one sure-fire way of preventing harsh chemicals from ruining the bacterial activity in your septic tank is to make your own treatment that is comprised of all-natural ingredients. The great thing about an all-natural solution is that you can use it as a very effective treatment for your tank as well as a great cleaner for your overall system. Regularly giving your system the proper care and maintenance it needs will ensure that the tank performs optimally. Scheduled treatments will help to eliminate odor, allow your system to break down solids properly, and restore good bacterial activity, which in turn will clean out your drain and help you avoid backups in the system.

Step 1 - Boil Water

Put a half-gallon of water in a pot to boil. Add in about two and a half cups of sugar then stir until the sugar is dissolved. Let the mixture cool down.

Step 2 - Add Cornmeal

Once the water is at room temperature, add 2 1/2 cups cornmeal and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Step 3 - Add Dry Yeast

Add four packages of the dry yeast to the mixture and stir to mix all of the ingredients together well.

Step 4 - Pour the Solution in the Toilet

Pour the mixture into the toilet and flush. As the toilet tank gets almost full, flush it again. Let the toilet sit for approximately 6 to 8 hours without flushing.

By following these steps, you will treat your septic tank in no time.