How to Crosscut Logs and Timber with a Log Saw How to Crosscut Logs and Timber with a Log Saw

What You'll Need
Power log saw
Tape measure
Eye protection
Hand gloves
700mm cross cut saw blade

    A crosscut is a cut made almost at a right angle to the direction of the wood grain using a tool like a log saw. If you are cutting a tree, the cut made across its trunk almost parallel to the ground is the cross cut. A powered log saw is driven by about a 60 HP electric motor and is fitted with a cross cut tungsten carbide slitting saw blade. You can adjust the length of lumber to be cut using a stopper. The log to be cut is placed on the V shaped carriage at about 2 1/2 feet height. The log is held on the carriage and can be swung manually so that the fixed cutter works across the log as you move the carriage. You can cross cut the small logs or lumber pieces to required lengths. The log saw can be easily moved, if required.

    Step 1: Mounting the Log on the Log Saw

    Lift the log and keep it in on V shaped carriage for cutting.

    Step 2: Facing the End of the Log

    Check that the blade is mounted correctly and that it will dig into the log when it enters it. Move the log such that its end projects about an inch or more beyond the cutter so that the irregular end of log will be cut clean.  Use a tooth clamp to hold the log in position. Switch on the saw and move the log towards cutter to make a cut across the log. Switch off the machine. Adjust the stopper at the required distance (equal to the length to be cut) from the outer face of the cutter with the help of a tape measure and tighten the stopper in this position.

    Step 3: Cutting the Length

    Move the log to touch the stopper at its end. Clamp the log with a tooth clamp. Start the motor and move the carriage to cut across the log.

    Step 4: Cutting the Next Piece

    Bring the carriage back into its original position. Push the log to touch the stopper, clamp the log and move the carriage to cross cut the required length. Repeat this to step to cut more pieces till the end piece cannot be held and cut. Keep the end piece of the log aside.

    You should use the safety steps recommended for the operation: Use eye protection. Do not run the machine, if not in use. Always clamp the log with a tooth clamp to stop it from moving while cutting.


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