How to Cure a Clay Chiminea

A clay chiminea is an inexpensive and practical choice for an outdoor fireplace.

When You Buy Your Chiminea

When you purchase a chiminea, make sure you also buy enough of the correct sealer to preserve and protect it from moisture.

Positioning Your Chiminea

Clay chimineas are quite fragile, so you should choose the position for it with care. Trying to move it could be hazardous.

Applying the Sealer

Not all sealers act the same. Read the manufacturer's instructions, especially the recommended periods before re-sealing, based on the amount you plan to use the chiminea.

Firing the Sealer

Put a few inches of sand or gravel in the bottom of your chimenia and start your fire very slowly. Don’t try to speed the process by lighting a huge fire. This is likely to cause it to crack. Start with balled up newspaper sheets. Use one sheet at a time to start and gradually build the fire up. Let the fire go out and allow the chiminea to cool down. Next you can start the fire with paper, but add small pieces of wood to build up the heat. Let the fire burn out and allow the chiminea to cool down again. Repeat this process two or three times, making the fire a little hotter each time.

After this process, your chiminea will be cured and water proof.