How to Cure Concrete Walls for Painting

What You'll Need
Form Work
Curing Compounds
Hose Pipe
Plastic Shield
Timber or Cement Blocks
Paint (any color)
Paint Brush

There are a variety of ways to cure concrete walls. Curing concrete prevents freshly poured concrete from drying out too fast. If concrete dries quicker than the normal time, it may crack and its life may be minimized. Follow the steps below to effectively cure concrete walls for painting.

Step 1 - Clean the Wall

Clean the wall of any contaminants such as dirt, grease or debris. Wear a mask so that the dirt does not enter your lungs. Wear gloves to protect your hands. You can use a wet cloth dipped in washing soap for this purpose. If that does not work and the contaminated substances do not come off, you can use a scraper or wire brush to remove them. Be careful when scraping dirt.

Step 2 – Use a Plastic Shield    

Use a hose pipe to wet the wall. After the wall is completely wet, generously cover it with several layers of plastic shield. This will help in preventing the evaporation process and not allowing cracks to form in the wall.

Step 3 - Use Timber or Cement Blocks

To prevent the plastic from moving from its position, place cement or timber blocks at the joints. You can then leave the plastic for as much time as you wish. The surface will remain moist as the evaporation will take place inside the plastic film.

Step 4 - Leave Form Work

You can also leave the form work that is used to make the concrete formation. If left under a concrete block or in its place, the form work will prevent the concrete wall from drying. It acts as a curing agent.

Step 5 - Use Curing Compounds

With a hand pump spray, you can spray the water soluble emulsions that are waxy on freshly poured concrete. These allow the surface to stay moist for several weeks.

Step 6 - Retain Moisture

It is important that you maintain the moisture on the concrete. Do this by putting a covering over the poured concrete. There are many materials such as straw, sand, plastic and canvas that you can use to keep the concrete from drying too quickly. When the color of the concrete lightens, it is an indication that the concrete has cured.

Step 7 - Use Primer Before Painting

Before painting the surface, use a primer to add durability and quality to your painted surface. An oil-based primer beneath the top coat can also be very effective for curing concrete.

Step 8 - Paint the Wall

Now you can paint your concrete wall in any color you like. Use waterproof paints so that you can easily clean the wall of any stains or dirt.