How to Curl Your Lucky Bamboo

What You'll Need
Lucky bamboo
Cardboard box
Artificial light (optional)

Curled lucky bamboo is a very aesthetically pleasing plant that goes great in any home or office. Unfortunately, though straight plants are common, curled ones are rare and expensive. However, if you are on a budget—or if you like a challenge—you can curl lucky bamboo yourself with no special equipment. Here are some instructions that should help you if you decide to curl your lucky bamboo.

Step 1 - Setting Up

Unfortunately, it is not possible to curl a mature growth of lucky bamboo. For this reason, it is vital to start with a young, green, growing lucky bamboo plant.

Select a cardboard box that is much bigger than your plant. The box needs to block all light from reaching your plant from most directions, even as it continues to grow.

Figure out a place where you can leave your bamboo plant inside the box. This place should have access to light, either artificial or natural.

Step 2 - Building a Container

Cut any flaps off of your cardboard box. At this point, your cardboard box should have pnly one side open. Turn it on its side so the open side faces your light source. Place your lucky bamboo upright in the box, but keep it out of direct sunlight.

You are now done, more or less. However, you will still need to take care of your lucky bamboo plant and make occasional adjustments to your setup.

Step 3 - Maintenance

Your bamboo plant will now grow normally, assuming you take good care of it. However, it will slowly curve towards the light source as it grows. Wait until the curve is noticeable. Then, rotate the pot slightly, and write down which direction and how far you turned it.

Wait some more. Once your bamboo curves towards the light again, rotate the pot again, in the same direction by the same increment. Repeat for as long as necessary. Be patient, as this can take a very long time

Step 4 - Advanced Tricks

Though curling lucky bamboo plants is a long, involved process, it is not actually much more labor intensive than taking care of these plants normally. If you are in the mood for a challenge, you should treat your bamboo plants as a sculpture.

Do an internet search for curled lucky bamboo plants. Pick some that you like the appearance of, and try to imitate them. You can vary the intensity and direction of curves by rotating your pot more often or in different directions.