How to Customize Iron Security Storm Doors How to Customize Iron Security Storm Doors

What You'll Need
Wrought Iron
Welding Tools and Materials
Deadbolt Lock and other Door Hardware
File and Sander

Security storm doors can be customized in many possible ways imaginable. One of the best materials to use for a storm door is wrought iron because it provides longer life and durability. When customizing iron security storm doors, remember that it is not a very easy task to do since it requires some special metal working skills and specialty equipment, unless the door is to be fashioned by a company who specializes in custom security storm doors. For those who have the necessary skill, tools and materials, read on to learn how to customize iron security storm doors.

Step 1 – Planning

The first step requires planning how the door looks and how it will be used. Simpler versions of iron storm doors use straight wrought iron bars welded onto the door frame. However, intricate designs can also be made. There are specially prepared curved iron bars of different designs that can be welded onto the door frame to provide more elaborate-looking storm doors.

Step 2 – Taking Measurements

Before making a customized iron security storm door, first take the measurements of the door opening to determine the dimensions required for the door frame. The door frame will provide the skeletal framework of the storm door itself.

Step 3 – Building the Door Frame

Since the frame is the most important part of the customized door, it should be the first part to be built. Take the measurements for the door frame and purchase the necessary iron bars required for the project. Two iron bars are needed for the top and bottom parts of the door frame and two for the sides. The door frame can be mitered as well to provide a perfect fit. Make sure that the iron bars are cut at 45-degree angles. Check if the bars create a perpendicular fit before welding them together. After welding, file the welded surfaces to create a smooth finish. Smooth the surfaces further with fine grit sander.

Step 4 – Customizing the Door

The iron bars can be welded on the door in different ways to create many different patterns on the door. Get ideas from the Internet to find out which design is best suited to your preference. The simplest way to customize the door is to weld vertical iron bars at uniform distances onto the door frame. For people who think this is dull, make use of intricately designed wrought iron pieces instead. These can be bought from hardware supply shops. Set the pieces on the door frame and weld them pieces to follow any preferred design.

Step 5 – Paint

Before installing the door, paint it first with any color that matches the background. File and sand any rough edges and wipe them with a rag afterwards. Paint the customized iron security storm door and allow it to dry. Install the door along with the deadlock bolt and other door hardware.

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