How to Customize the Tone of Your Power Car Speakers How to Customize the Tone of Your Power Car Speakers

What You'll Need
Car stereo amplifier
Car stereo
Car powered sub woofer

Installing power car speakers does not automatically improve sound or tone quality. They way they are installed or customized is the feature which accounts for around 75% of the quality of sound the car speakers will produce. If your car sound system has been properly customized to its best settings, your speakers will sound good even if you have a cheaper speaker model. You can also choose to install factory or after market car speakers. The difference between these two is that after market ones have a separate tweeter. This is the reason why it is usually referred to as a two way speaker. There are also three way and four way models but how they compare with a two way speaker will depend on your sound preference

A good tone also depends on getting the proper balance of various elements which include the source of the sound, the amplification and the speakers which are the most important. In order to improve the tone of your power car speakers you should always remember that more is not better. You just need to customize your settings in order to get the best tone out of your car speakers.

Step 1 - Adjusting Your Settings

The first thing to do in order to customize the tone of your power car speakers is to adjust the bass and treble settings of your car stereo. If they are still at their factory settings which are preset, increase them to their highest level. This will get you an idea how your car audio will sound at its maximum settings. To get more clarity, adjust the bass to a level that is lower than the treble. If you find that the sound is lacking bass, you can set it higher than the treble.

Step 2 - Correcting Your Fade Control

The fade control shifts the focus of the sound towards the front or the rear of your car. If you find that you are losing volume and clarity when on the road, adjust the fade control towards the front. But if you want to have more sound, you should adjust the fade control towards the back. The reason for this is because the rear speakers are larger than those that are on the front. This allows them to produce stronger bass sound which causes a significant increase in volume.

Step 3 - Adding Sub Woofers

To improve the tone of your power car speakers further, connect your sub woofer. The amplifier of the car stereo generally enhances low frequency sounds. A powered sub woofer has its own amplifier and when it is integrated into the system, it will allow you to boost the mid and high frequency sounds through the bass and treble controls, while the sub woofer will cover the low frequencies.

Step 4 - Connecting the Amplifier

To increase the overall power output of your power car speakers, connect the amplifier into the audio system of your car.  Greater speaker output means more sound and improved fidelity. This will allow you to catch every sound that is produced by your car speakers even if you are on the road with your windows down.


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