How To Customize Your Old Bookshelf

Renovating and customizing an old bookshelf can beautify your home in an interesting and easy way. Knowing how to customize your old book shelf will help to make the process quick and simple.

Tools and Materials Needed:

•Paint Or Stain
•Paint Brushes
•Rags and old toothbrushes, paper towels
•Paint Stripper
•Wood Stain
•Baskets, racks, bins

Step 1 – Refinish the Wood

One of the best ways to bring new life to an old bookshelf is to refinish the wood. Whether you decide to paint or stain the bookcase, removing the old finish and replacing it with a new one will brighten the look considerably.

If you plan to paint over a bookcase, you may not have to strip off the old finish. If the current surface is in good condition without peeling or bubbling paint, you can lightly sand the old surface and paint over it with a good semi gloss or enamel paint.

To stain the wood, you will need to use a paint stripper to remove the old finish. Apply the stripper liberally, allow to set, then remove using paper towels and old rags. Use an old toothbrush to remove the finish from intricate or detailed areas.

After the bookshelf is completely cleaned off, apply a coat of stain. It’s easiest to use a stain that contains a polyurethane finish in the stain to avoid having to apply a stain and a topcoat.

Step 2 – Apply Decorative Molding

You can create a whole new look to a bookshelf by using decorative moldings available at any home improvement center.

Applying the moldings to the front of shelves, around the top of the bookshelf, or to the sides of the bookcase will add elegance and an entirely new look to the oldest and dingiest bookcase.

If you choose to refinish, apply the molding after stripping the old finish and before applying the new finish.

Step 3 – Add New Types of Storage

A great way to update an old bookshelf is to make it more useful to you for your current needs.

If you need more space for DVDs, CDs or video games, add an audio visual rack to your bookshelf. You’ll find those that can be permanently attached as well as those that simply sit on the shelf.

Look for a contemporary bin or basket that could make the bookshelf more useful for storing toys, remote controls, or other small items, and at the same time offer an updated look for the bookcase.

There are bins in black and white or a variety of colors, and they use a number of different materials such as cloth, wood, wire and plastic.

A newly refurbished bookcase could provide a focal point to a remodelled room by providing a contemporary design and increased functionality without a great deal of expense. Traditional wood can provide an elegant feel, while sleek, modern accessories can give a trendy look.