How To Cut A Branch With A Pole Chain Saw

chainsaw cutting through a log
  • .25-3
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300
What You'll Need
Pole chain saw
Protective eye goggles
Hard hat
Work boots
Work gloves

A pole chain saw is a great tool for cutting high branches on trees. Instead of using a ladder to reach the branches, you use a chain saw on the end of an extension pole. The bottom end of the extension pole is equipped with controls to operate the saw, whether it is a gas-powered or electric model. Many pole chain saws come with different chains to cut various diameters of branches. The main difference among these chains lies in the size of the cutter teeth on the separate chains.

Step 1 - Observe Safety First

Before beginning any cutting chores, make sure you don protective gear that includes eye goggles, a hard hat, gloves, and work boots. Never attempt to cut branches overhead without using safety gear. Falling limbs can cause great bodily harm. This is a dangerous chore if you are not safely and properly equipped. Even proper footwear is a necessity when you operating a pole chain saw. Never wear shorts or sandals when operating a pole chain saw to cut branches.

Step 2 - Select the Branch

Select the branch you wish to cut. Extend the pole to the proper height by loosening the extension collar, pulling the pole out to the required height and re-tightening the collar. Hold the pole up to the required branch and make a scribing cut on the top of the branch and then on the bottom of the branch.

Step 3 - Cut the Bottom First

Dying tree branch

Start with the underside of the branch. Try to employ a “V” cut by working underneath from one angle, then reversing your direction to obtain the “V” cut. You will need to work through the bark layer until you can cut a little way into the wood from the bottom.

Step 4 - Cut through the Branch

Cut the top of the branch through the bark first. Pay attention to see if it comes off in pieces that fall below. You must be constantly aware of your surrounding environment in order to operate safely. Once through the bark surface, apply a small amount of pressure to make a thorough, clean cut all the way through the branch. If the branch does not fall through the canopy on its own, use the tip of the pole chain saw to nudge it until it falls to the ground.

Step 5 - Maintain Your Balance

A properly balanced footing is the best way to operate the pole chain saw when you extend it over your head. Bend your knees a little bit and grasp the pole chain saw with both hands. Wear a good pair of leather work gloves that will not only protect your hands but also give you a good grip.