How to Cut a Concrete Block Wall with a Concrete Saw How to Cut a Concrete Block Wall with a Concrete Saw

What You'll Need
Concrete saw
Tape measure
Garden hose

Using a concrete saw to cut through concrete block walls can make very short work of the project. It can also make very messy work out the project. Using a concrete saw is much like any other saw. Once the blocks are marked off you simply follow the lines with the saw blade. 

Step 1 - Mark Section that is to be Cut

The easiest way to ensure a straight cut with a concrete saw is to measure and mark the area you are cutting. Use a straightedge if needed to make straight lines. 

Step 2 - Set up Garden Hose

Before you start cutting the concrete blocks you must have some way for water to be able to be applied to the surface. If doing this yourself, set the hose so it trickles down the concrete wall. If you have a friend, they should hold the hose on the line where the cutting is taking place. 

Step 3 - Cut the Concrete Block Wall

Hold the concrete saw up to the wall and line up the blade with the line. Turn on the saw and slowly guide the blade into the concrete. Slowly guide the blade along the line until you get to a corner. Remove the saw blade and start in the other direction following the same procedure. 

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