How to Cut a Flat Top How to Cut a Flat Top

What You'll Need
Flat topper comb

The flat top style is popular with men as well as boys and especially men that serve in law enforcement or the military. The style is achieved by using clippers on the sides with more precise cutting on the top. The flat top requires a lot of care and maintenance with the wearer coming back to the barber as much as once a week. The following will show you a flat top is properly cut.

Step 1: Removing the Bottom Portion of Hair

For a perfect flat top you have to remove the hair from the base of the skull and up the sides to the temple. Choose a clipper guard size that fits your client; the lower the number, the shorter the hair. Many stylists use a 2 guard but you could use a 3 or a 1 depending on how short the client wants the rest of his head. Start clipping the hair at the base of the head going slowly in an upward motion but stopping at the temple. You will be left with long hair at the top of the head in the formation of a circle. Go over the area you just did for a second time. If you go up too far you will be creating a crew cut instead of a flat top. You can go back in with the scissors to remove any hair that the clippers missed.

Step 2: The Back and Sides of the Top of the Head

The flat topper comb is used at this point on in order to get the proper height to the hair. You will also be using the clippers without a guard. Never use a guardless clipper without the flat topper comb. Place the comb inside the hair and turn it to create the angle you want. This is a personal choice as some people want the flat top on an angle while others like it perfectly straight. Once the angle is confirmed you run the clippers along the comb against the grain of the hair. Do this all along the sides and back of the head. Make sure your angles are all the same. When you begin working on the top of the head you may have to come back here for touch-up work. 

Step 3: Top of the Head

The flat topper comb comes with a bubble level that is built inside the handle of the comb and this is where that feature comes into play. Make sure the client knows to remain still. Pull the comb through his hair at a 90-degree angle. Lay the comb on top of the head to check the level. Once you are have it right use the clippers to remove the hair. Continue doing this until you have reached the desired length.

Step 4: Finishing

Go over your work to make sure it is all level and at the proper taper. Remove any longer hair with your scissors. Shave the neck and around the ears.

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