How To Cut A Hollow Core Door

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A hollow core door is more commonly found in interior doors as opposed to the exterior front and back doors. This is because solid core doors need to be strong and withstand any attempts by individuals to gain unauthorized access. This is not the concern with an interior bedroom or bathroom door. Therefore, they are naturally lighter and present some challenges to you if you need to cut a hollow-core door.

Measure Accurately

Make several measurements of the door and mark the measurements with a pencil. Use a straight edge and utility knife to score the marks before making your cuts. The markings need to be precise since you only have about one to one and a half inches a room to play with, depending on the door you are cutting.

Make a Cut

Attach a straight edge to the door using a C-clamp on both ends behind where the scored cut line has been marked. This will provide a guide for the table saw and prevent you from removing too much of the hollow core door. Cut carefully along the scoreline with the table saw. Cut on the solid edge and be sure not to take more than one to two inches. If you take off more than this, the door edge will become frayed and it will look terrible.

When you have completed the cut, sand the edge and fit the door in place to ensure that the cut was accurate. If you measured correctly, to begin with, you should only have to make one cut.