How to Cut a Right Angle with a Bandsaw

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Pencil or screwdriver

Using a bandsaw can be beneficial for a number of different projects, allowing you to make precise cuts. Being aware of the steps necessary to cut a right angle when using the saw will ensure that you get a precise result.  

Step 1 – Draw Outline

Start by marking the material to be cut in accordance with its intended use. Make sure that the measurements are precise and use a T-square to position the right angle where it is required. For this process, a pencil can be used for wood, while a screwdriver can be used to score a line into metal or plastic.

Step 2 – Prepare

It is prudent to wear goggles and close-fitting overalls to protect against flying particles. Switch on the bandsaw and let it get to full speed before use.

Step 3 – Cut

Carefully placing your hands away from the blade, work the material through the blade along the first line of the right angle. Avoid any mistakes by not allowing yourself to get distracted, keeping your eye on the work. Once the first cut has been made, withdraw the material and do the same with the second cut.