How to Cut a Wood Threshold to Fit Securely

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Circular saw
Hand saw
New threshold

A wood threshold is an important part of the door frame. If it is not properly cut to fit the door securely, then it can lead to easier deterioration. When the wood threshold deteriorates and rots, it will lead to issues in home cooling and heating. In order to ensure that the threshold lasts long enough, then it should be installed and applied with sealers properly. Not all doors and floors can be fitted with wood threshold. The key factor when choosing a threshold is to determine what type of door is used. If it is a wooden door, then a threshold made of wood is appropriate. But if the door is made of metal, then perhaps a metal threshold is proper. Before installing a threshold, make sure that it is properly cut to the exact dimensions required for it to fit securely.

Step 1 – Removing the Old Threshold

When installing a new threshold, make sure that the old threshold has to be removed first in order to determine correct measurements needed for the new one. When working with a new door, it is important to install the door jambs before measuring the length of the threshold. To remove the threshold, insert a pry bar at the base of the threshold and simply allow the bar to lift off the wooden board. If necessary, cut the threshold with a circular saw, but be careful not to damage the floor or the material underneath.

Step 2 -  Measure the Dimensions

To get the length of the threshold, use a tape measure the distance from one side of the door to the other. Measure the distance from the base of the door to the floor to get the width of the threshold. After getting the dimensions, transfer the measurements to the threshold.

Step 3 – Cutting the Threshold

Place the new threshold onto the workbench and mark the length and width correctly. Use a square when marking to ensure that the cut will produce a right angle. If the marking is slightly off angle, the threshold will not fit securely on the door. Therefore, always make sure to use a square when marking. Cut the threshold at the marked lines carefully using a circular saw or a handsaw. If the threshold needs to be cut along the length, do so with a circular saw (it is much easier).

Step 4 – Fitting the Threshold

Slide the threshold into position at the base of the door to check if it fits securely. Make sure that it slides in tight and not too loose. Make sure that it is set at eight or a quarter of an inch below the door. If it is too high, remove it and plane the surface to trim until the correct height is achieved. When the board fits correctly, plane the rough edges with a sander before mounting it with finishing nails.