How to Cut Acrylic Sheet

What You'll Need
Marking pen
Emery cloth
Coping saw

The popularity of an acrylic sheet as a plastic material has been increasing over the last few years. Acrylic appears like glass but is less fragile. These days, acrylic is used to make wide variety of things such as containers, furniture, sculptures and many others. Acrylic sheets need to be cut into various complex shapes and because it is a thermoplastic, it can’t be cut by a method that generates high heat.

Step 1 – Secure the Sheet

Lay down the acrylic sheet on a completely flat surface. It is advised that to prevent the sheet’s movement use a vice to secure it. Take care not to crack the acrylic while using vice.

Step 2 – Mark the Area

Use a marker to draw a line on the sheet to mark the area that needs to be removed. Place the sheet such that this area should hang-off the table.

Step 3 – Cut the Sheet

Cut along the drawn line using a coping saw. Don’t rush to twist-off the excess sheet and wait for it come free.

Step 4 – Polish the Cut Edge

Throw away the excess piece of sheet that you get. Use a piece of emery cloth to polish the cut edge.