How to Cut Acrylic Sheet

An acrylic sheet.
What You'll Need
Marking pen
Emery cloth
Coping saw

The popularity of an acrylic sheet as a plastic material has been increasing over the last few years. The acrylic looks like glass but is less fragile. These days, acrylic is used to make a wide variety of things such as containers, furniture, and sculptures. Acrylic sheets can be cut into various complex shapes and because it is a thermoplastic, it can’t be cut by a method that generates high heat.

Step 1 - Secure the Sheet

Lay down the acrylic sheet on a completely flat surface. To prevent the sheet from moving, use a vice to secure it. Take care not to crack the acrylic while using the vice.

Step 2 - Mark the Area

Use a marker to draw a line on the sheet to mark the area that needs to be removed. Place the sheet so that the area hangs off the table.

Step 3 - Cut the Sheet

Cut along the drawn line using a coping saw. Don’t rush to twist off the excess sheet. Wait for it come free.

Step 4 - Polish the Cut Edge

Throw away the excess piece of sheet that you get. Use a piece of emery cloth to polish the cut edge.