How to Cut Acrylic Shelves Before Installation

What You'll Need
Coping Saw
Marking Pen
Emery Cloth

Installing acrylic shelves in your home is an excellent alternative for storage while being cost efficient. You can install acrylic shelves in front of windows without having to worry whether there is enough sunlight in the room, as it allows light to pass through. Cutting the acrylic shelves before installing them is not difficult if you follow the simple step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 – Secure the Acrylic Shelf

Place one piece of acrylic shelf onto a flat surface. Secure the shelf lightly using a vise. Be careful not to tighten the vise too much so that the acrylic will not be cracked.

Step 2 – Draw Line

Use a marker to draw a line at the edge of the acrylic shelf you want to cut and remove. The area of the acrylic shelf you want to be cut off should hang off the flat surface.

Step 3 – Saw the Area Off

Saw along the line you have drawn in step 2 using a coping saw. Take note not to twist the excess acrylic off. Wait until the excess comes free by itself.

Step 4 – Polish

Have the excess acrylic discarded. Then use an emery cloth to polish the cut edges of the acrylic shelf.