How to Cut Aluminum Siding How to Cut Aluminum Siding

What You'll Need
Chop Saw
Radial Arm Saw
Panel Blade
Tin Snips (Green & Red)
Safety Goggles
Leather Gloves

If you are remodeling your home and are using aluminum siding, you can be sure your home will look great once you have finished the work. However, working with aluminum siding is not as easy, the job of cutting the aluminum sliding is dangerous. Aluminum siding is a durable item that will last for many years. There are many different styles to choose from, be sure to choose the weatherproof items that best coordinate with your home. With this guide, the right tools and taking all necessary safety precautions you can get the job done by yourself.

Step 1 –Safety and Tools

Make sure you have your safety goggles and leather gloves on before you begin. Cut across the contours of the aluminum siding with a radial arm saw. Use the panel to reduce the risk of snags while cutting. Be sure to work slowly in order to maintain the proper form.

Step 2 – Cutting the Width

While cutting at the width of the aluminum siding ,make use of straight tin snips. Use a niggler to cut in a straight line. A niggler is made from two small blades that vibrate up and down at a very high speed. The speed along with the vibrating blades ensure that you get a straight cut. Do not use the niggler to cut through the contours of the siding. Instead use the tin snip or the power saw.

Step 3 – Green and Red Tin Snips

Use both the green and the red tin snips as you cut. Alternating green and red handled tin snips will assist you in increasing your pace. Use the red handled tin snip while cutting with your right hand. This will give you room to maneuver as the siding will not come in your way. Similarly, use the green handled tin snip while cutting with your left hand.

Instead of using the radial arm saw or the chop for trimming use the tin snip to trim intricate sections of the siding. With a tin snip you will be able to control your cutting better than using a power tool.

Step 4 – Cutting horizontally

While placing siding underneath windows or doors, make sure to cut horizontally from the top of the siding. This way the part that will be visible will be uniform. If the area to cut is wide then use the power saw, and if the area is narrow, use the thin snip.

Step 5 – Precision

Be sure to take the correct measurements before making any cuts into the aluminum sliding. You need to be extremely careful while using the power tools to cut aluminum sliding. Remember safety is not something to be compromised. Follow all safety regulations while using the power tools, gloves and goggles are to be worn when cutting the aluminum.

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