How to Cut an Opening in Stucco Siding Part 1

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Masonry chisel
Hammer or rubber mallet
Circular saw
Masonry blade with diamond tip
Pencil or marker
Chalk line
An assistant

If you ever need to create an opening in stucco siding, you will need how to do the job correctly. Failure to properly cut the stucco siding will result in a poorly created opening that will not look very good. Therefore, this two part article will show you how to correctly create an open opening in stucco siding. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Choose a Location for the Opening

First, choose a location for the opening in the stucco siding. For instance, if you're going to be installing a new door window, you'll want to ensure that the location is suitable for the installation. Make sure that there are no load bearing walls or primary structural supports behind the stucco siding where you will be creating the opening.

Step 2 - Measure and Mark Corners for the Opening

Use your measuring tape to measure the outlines of the opening you will be creating in the stucco siding. Then, take your pencil or marker and mark the corner edges of the opening.

Step 3 - Create Cut Lines with the Chalk Line

Have your assistant assist you in holding that chalk line between the corner edge marks that you created when you measured the opening. Once you and your assistant have properly aligned the chalk line over the corner marks, hold the chalk line taught and snap it. This will create a line between the corner marks you created earlier.

Do this for all the quarter marks on the stucco siding. When you're finished, you should have a square or rectangular shape drawn on the stucco siding.

Step 4 - Score the Opening in the Stucco Siding

Take your hammer, or rubber mallet, and masonry chisel and score the line you created with your chalk line. To do this, hold the chisel in one hand, and the hammer in the other. Then, line the chisel up along the chalk line and strike the butt of the chisel with the hammer. Continue this along the entire length of the chalk line, and create a score depth of about 1/8-inch.

Step 5 - Saw Along the Lines for the Opening

Next, install the masonry blade on your circular saw and set it to a cutting depth of ¼-inch. Start the saw and slowly lower the saw into the scored line drawn on the stucco siding. Slowly, but continually, push the saw along the scored length of the marked line. When using the saw, you will use the 1/8 inch scored line as a cutting guide. Repeat this process for the other scored lines in your opening.

After you have finished first cut on all of the scored lines, increase the cutting depth an additional ¼-inch. Continue doing this until you reach the metal lath underneath the stucco siding. When making the cuts, avoid cutting all the way to the corner edge of the school scored lines. Only cut all the way through at the corner once the rest of the line has been cut all the way through. This will help to prevent the stucco siding from falling and potentially chipping or damaging the area of the siding that is not being removed.