How to Cut and Fold Boxsprings

What You'll Need
Screw Driver
Straight Brackets

If you know how to cut and fold boxsprings, moving your boxspring to a new location becomes much easier. Cutting and folding helps a lot, especially if your boxspring is of queen or king size and you need to move it through a narrow area. The underside of the box spring consists of two wooden frame braces at the two edges running along the length. In case of queen size and king size beds, you will find a third brace in the middle along the length. There are a few connectors running along the width to connect the braces. The underside is covered with a dust cover made of fabric. By cutting the braces properly you can easily fold, move and then unfold the box spring.

Step 1-Lay the Boxspring on the Ground

Lay the box spring on the ground with its underside facing up.

Step 2- Remove Dust Cover

Take out all the screws and nails from the dust cover using pliers and screw driver. Now, locate the middle of the braces along the length at both the sides. Cut the dust cover into two pieces using scissors. While cutting it start from the middle of one side, go along a straight line so that you end at the mid point of the other side. It can remain attached to the two short sides. Fold the two parts of the dust cover at two sides to expose the wooden frame.

Step 3-Cut the Braces

Using a saw, cut the braces at their mid points. While cutting it you will hit a steel rod at a certain depth. Stop cutting at that point.

Step 4-Fold the Box Spring

Rotate the box spring vertically with respect to one of its longer sides. This means your boxspring will end up standing on one of its longer sides. Now you can fold the box spring along the line joining the mid points of the braces. After folding, the two parts of each brace should face the two outer sides. Tie the boxspring with rope.

Step 5-Move the Box Spring

Move the box spring to its new place and keep it vertical.

Step 6-Unfold the Box Spring

Remove the ropes. Unfold the box spring and lay it over the ground with the underside facing up. It may be hard to flatten it over the ground. Keep one half of it flat over ground and hold it. Then another person has to apply enough force at the end of the other part. If needed, put heavy weight at the ends of the two parts to keep it flat.

Step 7-Connect the Braces and the Dust Cover

Connect the two halves of each brace by screwing on straight brackets. Fix the two parts of the dust cover with the braces using screws. You can replace the entire cover with a cover and secure it using screws too.

Your box spring is ready for its use now.