How to Cut and Make Wooden Signs How to Cut and Make Wooden Signs

What You'll Need
Model 6800 Dremel Trio Model TR800 Trio Circle Cutter/Edge Guide Multi-Purpose Cutting Bit #TR 561 #TR 432 120 Grit Sanding Band #TR654 ¼ inch Straight Routing Bit #TR618 Chamfer Routing Bit Model 6300 Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Hook and Loop Pad MM11 MM70W Wood Sandpaper ½-inch board Pencil Number stencil

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You don’t need a full workshop to cut, sand, and rout a professional-quality wood sign, such as an address marker. With help from the Dremel Trio and the Dremel Multi-Max, you can cut, sand and rout an attractive marker in one afternoon.

Step 1

Pick your tools. The Model 6800 Dremel Trio can be used as three different tools for this project. The Model 6300 Multi-Max adds the smooth finishing touch by sanding the finished product.

Step 2

Hold the shaft-lock button in while rotating the collet nut until the shaft-lock engages. Loosen the collet nut with the wrench. Insert the Multi-Purpose Cutting Bit as far as possible. Re-engage the shaft-lock and tighten the nut. (Repeat this step when changing to the sanding and routing accessories.)

Step 3

Clamp the board to a sturdy work surface and use the Dremel Trio with the Straight Edge Guide to cut the board to the desired length. For best results, mount the guide on the right side of the tool. Set the foot’s depth so that 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch of the bit’s tip extends through the bottom of your work piece.

Step 4

Cut scallops at the edges of the board. Keep the Trio running at a high speed for smoother cuts. Change to the 120 Grit Sanding Band and set the Trio to a medium speed, then clean up any rough edges left after cutting.

Step 5

Change to the Chamfer Routing Bit. Take a few passes around the outsides edges of the board, removing only a portion of the total amount of material you want to remove at a time. Run the Trio at a high speed and let the tool do the work.

Step 6

Center the stencil on the board and trace the appropriate numbers. Insert the Straight Router Bit and begin routing out the stenciled numbers. Work from the inside toward the outside edges. Make several passes and adjust the foot’s depth along the way to remove the bulk of the material from your design and then come back to finish the details.

Step 7

Use the Dremel Multi-Max to finish sanding the sign’s surface with Hook and Loop Pad MM11 and Wood Sandpaper MM70W.

Step 8

Paint or stain the sign and apply a finish as desired.

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