How to Cut and Prepare Laminate Wall Panels for Installation

Lead Image for How to Cut and Prepare Laminate Wall Panels for Installation
  • 8-48 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 800-6,000
What You'll Need
Laminate wall panels
Tape measure
Felt tip pen
Fine sandpaper
Paper and pen

Laminate wall panels can be used to improve the décor of your home if you're looking for an alternative to paint or wallpaper. However, in order to install them properly, it is essential to know how to cut and prepare the panels. By following our guide, you will be in a position to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the ideal results for your project.

Measure The Area

Measure the area over which the laminate wall panels will be fitted using a tape measure, which will allow you to find the dimensions required. Make sure that you measure right to the edge to ensure a snug fit. Note down the results in accordance with the location so that they are not forgotten and you know which panel goes where.

Mark The Lengths

Lay out the laminate wall panels on a flat and steady surface with the right side facing down. Use the tape measure to find the points for the dimensions previously determined, and mark them off with a felt tip pen. Use a straightedge to draw the lines necessary to make the two points meet. Where you are fitting for walls of unusual shapes, make sure that you take this into account and ensure that you get the pattern the right way up. Double-check all the measurements before proceeding.

Cut The Laminate

Using a jigsaw to cut the laminate wall panels will make it easier to be precise, allowing you to create clean lines rather than a stuttering one that can result from a manual saw. Examine the jigsaw before putting it to use to ensure that it is clean and fit for purpose. Run the panels through the jigsaw blade upside down so that any accidental scratches to the surface can remain hidden. Where the jigsaw blade has dragged the laminate, lightly use some fine sandpaper along the edge to tidy it. Take care with this step to confine it to the edge and avoid scratching the surface. Wipe the laminate panels with a cloth to remove any loose particles that have resulted from the cutting and sanding.

Apply An Adhesive

Lay the cut panels on a flat surface that will remain steady while you are applying an adhesive. Take note of which panel will be attached to which surface so that you can be ready to put it up as soon as the glue has been applied. Gather some construction-strength adhesive onto a trowel and spread it onto the reverse of the panels. Keep the adhesive a few inches from the edge to avoid it seeping out when attaching it to the wall. Spread it evenly along all of the edges and through the center of the panel. You can then proceed to stick the panels to the wall, using a roller to ensure that they are pressed firmly into place.