How to Cut Brick Faux Panels How to Cut Brick Faux Panels

What You'll Need
Tape measure

In order to achieve the desired look when installing brick faux panels, it is essential to be aware of how to cut the panels properly. Following our step by step guide will ensure that the project is undertaken efficiently with the help of well-cut panels.

Step 1—Measure

Measure the wall over which you intend to install the brick faux panel to determine the dimensions that must be used for the panels. Lay the panels out on the floor as they will be on the wall so that you can align the bricks properly. Draw a line where the cut will be made with a piece of chalk.

Step 2—Cut

Cut the brick faux panel with a hacksaw, holding the larger edge firmly while working the blade through the panel. Continue through the entire length without trying to force the gradually separating pieces apart. Ensure a clean cut by keeping the blade vertical and angling the saw slightly toward you.

Step 3—Finish

Rub away any rough edges on the faux panel created by the saw with some sandpaper. You can then proceed to install them to the wall. Firmly press it to the surface before inserting the screws with a screwdriver or power drill.

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