How to Cut Corrugated Metal Siding

What You'll Need
Electric shears
Metal cutting circular saw
Utility knife

Doing a good job of cutting corrugated metal siding is completely dependent on the tools you use for the job. If you use the wrong tool your cuts can be sloppy looking and inaccurate and will cause you more stress than necessary. Using the right tools to do the job will make it easy.

Step 1 - Cutting Lengthwise

To cut corrugated metal siding lengthwise or with the corrugation you can simply use a set of electric shears to do the job. There will not be any difficulty because you are cutting with the grain of the corrugation and can even use them as guides in some instances.

Step 2 - Cutting Across Corrugations

A metal cutting circular saw will do the job of cutting corrugated metal very well even if you are cutting against the grain or across the corrugations. It will make cutting the metal just like cutting wood accept that the noise will be much greater. Always wear proper protective gear

Step 3 - Cutting With Only Hand Tools

If you are working at a site that does not have a ready power supply for power tools you can still cut corrugated metal using hand tools like a utility knife and pliers. With the utility knife you can score the metal along your cut line fairly deeply and then break the corrugated metal off at the score line with a pair of pliers.