How to Cut Crown Molding: Outside Corner

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-150
What You'll Need
Crown molding
Miter saw
Tape measure

It is fairly simple to install crown molding for the outside corner of your wall without having to employ a professional which shall definitely prove to be expensive as well. Basically, crown molding is solely used for decorative purposes, and it tends to bring sophistication and elegance to the interiors of your house. Due to the fashion in which houses are constructed these days, it is not uncommon at all to find outside corners in the walls of rooms. Putting crown molding on such corners is a fairly simple task with the required tools and materials on hand. Follow the detailed directions below to cut crown molding for outside corners.

Safety and Precautionary Instructions

However, for your own safety and protection, it is advisable to keep the following items on your hands when undergoing this activity; rubber gloves and eye goggles. Both of these items should definitely be used when handling tools such as the miter saw to no damage occurs to your hands and eyes. Moreover, it is strongly recommended that you read through the safety manual which comes with the miter saw before starting out with this activity.

Mark Length Required

Now, the first step in this activity is to ascertain exactly the length of crown molding that shall be required for the outside corner of the walls. Using a tape measure, figure out the dimensions of the outside corner where the molding is to be fitted. According to those measurements, figure out the length of crown molding required. Mark the lengths clearly with a pencil.

Determine Angles of Outside Corner

The next step in this process is to determine what the angles of the outside corner are. The simplest possible way of doing this is by using a large 360-degree protractor. Such protractors are easily available from stationery and hardware stores. Note down the outside angles for both the corners of the wall.

Cut Molding Using Miter Saw

Now, the miter saw shall come in handy at this point. A miter saw is basically a device that can clearly mark out the angles required for wooden planks, and also cut them out according to that angle. Pick up the piece of molding which has already been marked, and place it inside the miter saw. Set the angle on the miter saw, and then start cutting through the molding placed. Normally, the angle for one piece of corner molding is 45 degrees which we will regard as the angle when explaining the cutting process for crown molding.

Keeping the miter saw on the same 45-degree angle, pick up the second piece of molding. Next, place it upside down inside the miter saw and make the second cut. Pick up these two pieces of corner molding and check whether they shall line along the outside corner properly. However, it is advisable to work with two slabs of crown molding just to test whether the angles cut shall fit in fine before cutting the final crown molding for the outside corners.