How to Cut Doorway Openings in Drywall With a Spiral Saw How to Cut Doorway Openings in Drywall With a Spiral Saw

What You'll Need
Spiral saw
Guidepoint bit
Safety glasses
Measuring tape
Utility knife

For the homeowner who plans to cut a door opening in a piece of drywall, a spiral saw will make the job faster and less prone to mistakes. To cut a door opening in a drywall sheet that has already been attached to your wall, you will probably not have to even do any measuring. A spiral saw allows you to make quick, accurate cuts, before or after attaching your drywall sheet. Follow the instructions below for guidelines that will help you through your doorway cutting project, for a drywall sheet that is attached and one that is not attached.

Step 1 – Measuring to Saw An Unattached Drywall Sheet

To cut an opening in a drywall sheet that is not yet attached to your wall studs and framed doorway, measure the width of the opening in the door frame you'll be covering with your drywall sheet. Measure both the opening's top and bottom widths. Don't assume they will be the same measurements. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor on both the left side of the frame and the right side. Make a note of all these measurements in your notebook.

Step 2 – Transferring Measurements to Your Drywall Sheet

Using a builders square, straightedge, and pencil, draw onto the outside surface of your drywall sheet the measurements from your notebook. Be sure your drawing is made on the outside surface of the sheet. Otherwise, the drawing will be reversed, and, if your doorway is not perfectly square, the drywall piece you cut will not fit.

Step 3 – Preparing Your Spiral Saw for Cutting

Place your guidepoint bit into your spiral saw. Follow the instructions of the saw's manufacturer. Adjust the bit for a cutting depth that the will match the thickness of your drywall sheet. Add ¼ inch, to be sure you'll be cutting completely through the drywall sheet.

Step 4 – Cutting Your Opening

Turn your saw on and press the bit point against the surface of the drywall, somewhere in the middle of the space you'll be cutting out. When the bit has penetrated the sheet, guide the saw to the vertical line representing the left hand side of the door opening. Guide the saw upward along this line until the saw has reached the top line. Then, guide the saw across the top line, down the right hand vertical line, and across bottom of the sheet, until you've finished your cutout.

Step 5 – Cutting out an Opening in an Installed Drywall Sheet

With your saw turned on, insert the bit through the drywall and in the center point of the drywall sheet that has been attached to the wall frame. Guide the saw left until it has cut across the sheet to the left outside frame edge. Now, guide the cutting saw upward, follow the inside edge of the left hand frame edge, to the top plate. Then move right until the saw meets the right hand inside edge of the door opening. Guide the saw around the inside perimeter of the door opening until you've cut out the opening.

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