How to Cut Drywall Using a Spiral Saw How to Cut Drywall Using a Spiral Saw

What You'll Need
Spiral Saw
Guidepoint or Spinning Bit
Safety Gear
Tape Measure
Electric Box
Stud Finder

A spiral saw is a cutting tool that operates by using a spinning bit to cut a material in a sideways direction. It can be used to cut drywall, tiles, wood, and other types of construction material that are relatively thin. The device allows drywall cutting to be fast, accurate and clean. The tool operates at a slower speed than a jigsaw, but it produces a cleaner and more precise cut. This tool can be used to cut drywall for different purposes, such as installing an electric box.

Step 1. Wear Safety Gear

Before working with the device, make sure to wear protective goggles. Put on some gloves if necessary. It is always best to put safety first. Also, keep in mind the safety of people around you, specifically that of children. If there's a child in your home, don't work on the spiral saw whenever your child is near the working area or is around. 

Step 2. Determine Where to Cut

Find an area on the drywall where you want to make a cut and trace the area with a pencil. Make a tape measure to determine the height of the area if necessary. Before cutting the wall, make use of a stud finder to locate any studs. The area to be cut should not have a piece of wood behind it. If the area has a stud, move the area a bit to miss the stud. Also mark the center of the area which is to be cut.

Step 3. Load the Spiral Saw

Load the spiral saw with a guidepoint bit. Make sure to follow the instructions given by the saw manufacturer. Determine the depth of the bit by measuring the depth of the drywall. Add at least 1/4 of an inch to the total depth of the bit.

Step 4.  Start the Saw

Start the spiral saw and carefully place the spinning bit though the center of the marked area. Let the spinning bit sink into the wall until it reaches the back portion of the wall or until the spinning bit is completely pressed against the drywall surface.

Step 5.  Cut Through the Drywall

After piercing through the center of the area, move the spinning bit towards the marked line and start moving the saw. Be careful to cut in a counterclockwise direction and allow the movement of the saw to cut through the marked line. It is not necessary to mark a full circle on the drywall. The saw is designed to cut through a perfect circle even without having you mark the whole circumference. All that is needed is the center mark and the radius. It is also best to let the saw do the work. Never force the device to cut through the marked line. Cut through the marked line completely until the piece of drywall falls.

When working with a spiral saw, take note that the bit can cut through any material including wires. In order to avoid the wires in an electric box from being cut, make sure to tuck the wires deep into the box.

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