How to Cut Flagstone for a Flagstone Floor How to Cut Flagstone for a Flagstone Floor

What You'll Need
Sand Bags
Stone Chisel
Measuring Tape

A flagstone floor is made from a type of sedimentary rock that can easily be cut into slabs for flooring. Knowing how to cut flagstone is the first step in laying a flagstone floor. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to cut flagstone.

Step 1-Position the Flagstone

Place the flagstone on top of a stable working platform. Place sandbags in between the platform and the flagstone.

Step 2-Make a Guide Mark

With a measuring tape, etch a line to serve as a guide on where you want to cut the flagstone. You can use pencil to mark the line or the edge of a stone chisel.

Step 3-Use the Stone Chisel

Use the stone chisel to cut the flagstone. Start at one end of the flagstone and work your way to the other hand. To effectively cut the flagstone, use a hammer and do firm taps on the butt of the chisel. Be careful not to strike with the hammer too hard, as flagstone can easily fracture with enough force. If you are cutting thick flagstone, flip the flagstone on the other side, make the same guide marks and use the stone chisel.

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