How to Cut Foam Pipe Insulation for a Tee Joint

Covering pipes with foam pipe insulation can help prevent hot-water pipes from losing heat and may help protect cold-water pipes from bursting or freezing in cold weather. When applying foam insulation, you may also need to cover the tee joints that are used to connect pipes at 90 degree angles. Here are some tips for cutting foam pipe insulation for these T-shaped joints.

Preparation and Materials Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • A utility knife or other appropriate cutting tool
  • Duct tape or other durable tape product
  • Clean, large work space
  • Foam pipe insulation

Once the materials have been gathered, you should measure the pipes to determine the amount of insulation required to cover them. You may want to purchase extra material in case a particular pipe requires recovering.

Step 1 - Cut the First Piece of Insulation

A butt joint is a common technique that may be used to help cover tee joints and connecting pipes with foam pipe insulation. This method involves first cutting a slit or opening in the insulation at the point where one pipe intersects with another at the tee joint.

Step 2 - Cut the Connecting Piece of Insulation

A separate connecting piece of insulation can then be cut with a wedge-shaped, or butt joint, end.

Step 3 - Connect the Insulation

The connecting piece can then be butted snugly against the insulation with the slit.

Step 4 - Seal the Connected Pieces

Once connected, the foam insulation should then be sealed securely with tape.