How to Cut Galvanized Pipe How to Cut Galvanized Pipe

What You'll Need
Safety gloves
Pipe cutter

Cutting a galvanized pipe may seem like a difficult task, but with the right tools and direction, you can get the job done quickly. Here is a guide to help you through the step by step process. 

Step 1 - Find a Pipe Cutter

Whether you have a pipe cutter or you plan on borrowing or buying one, you will want to make sure that it is the right size. Check it against the pipe that you are cutting to determine whether or not it will work. 

Step 2 - Secure the Pipe and Cut 

Now, move the pipe cutter over the end of the piece of pipe you want to cut. Tighten the cutter by screwing the knob. Then, rotate and turn the pipe cutter around the pipe a few times in a clockwise direction. When you finished that direction, move it a few times in the other direction. 

Step 3 - Remove

Carefully unscrew the pipe cutter from the pipe, the same way that you put it in. Be sure that you are wearing goggles and gloves during this process, as smaller pieces of metal may fly up, or the edges of the freshly cut pipe could cut your hands. 

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