How To Cut Glass How To Cut Glass

Follow the steps below to learn how to cut glass. Most often, the glass you will cut will be 1/8-inch thick.

General Guidelines for Cutting Glass

Before you start, you will need a glass cutting board, a handheld glass cutter and oil, such as kerosene. You will also need to make sure the area you are about to cut is free from residue.

To ensure maximum control over the glass cutter, hold it like a pencil. Dip it in the oil before you begin cutting the glass. This is important so the cut runs smoothly.

Put your cutter to the glass and start going from one end to the other, pulling either down toward you or in the direction of your dominant hand (i.e. if you are right-handed, drag left to right). Apply pressure, but not too much. If you press down too hard, the glass will not break properly. If you hear a grinding sound, you are pressing too hard. You should hear relatively no noise during this process.

When you have made your cut, protect your hands with towels in case of an accident. Then grasp the piece of glass with both hands and apply a small amount of pressure to break it along the cut. Again, too much pressure will cause it to break improperly or shatter. If it does not break cleanly, do not force it. You will have to do another cut.

When you have your two pieces, use a sharpening stone against the rough edges to smooth and strengthen the sides.

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