How to Cut Glass in Half

What You'll Need
Large damp cloth
Tape measure
Glass cutter
Large pencil
Safety gloves and goggles

The process used to cut glass in half is quick and easy and requires just a little bit of practice. Glass is a beautiful but delicate material which requires great attention to safety when cutting.

Step 1: Wash and Mark

Wash and dry the surface of the glass. This will clear it of any debris which may impede the glass cutter. Use a tape measure to measure the glass and mark a point half-way across. Use the measurement to apply tape vertically down the center of the glass.

Step 2: Cut Glass

Place the glass cutter at the very edge of the glass on the corner of the tape. Slowly move the glass cutter down the taped line with a moderate amount of force. Place a large pencil beneath the glass to act as a roller once you have done this and press down on either side of the scored line. This will snap the glass in half.

Step 3: Tidy the Glass

Tidy the glass by taking a whetstone and sanding the edges of your cut. Remember to sand the edges of both cut pieces. You should now have two perfectly cut pieces of glass.