How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tiles

What You'll Need
Glass mosaic tiles
Wheeled tile cutters
Tile scoring device and metal ruler
Wet saw (useful especially for thicker tiles)
Plastic cutting board
Safety equipment, including goggles and gloves

Glass mosaic tiles are a beautiful and unique fixture for your home. They can be included both indoors and outdoors, depending upon where you'd like to place them. As they come on sheets, prearranged in their patterns, they are easy to install. Read on for a guide on how to cut glass mosaic tiles to better fit them to the project at hand.

Step 1 -- Prepare the Area

Before you begin to cut glass tiles, it's important to prepare the area in which you'll work. This will help to ensure that you don't end up with a messy situation after completing the cutting. Begin by laying out your plastic cutting board over the area in which you'll work. If you have a dedicated cutting table installed in your garage or workshop, you can use this instead. Next, clear out everything else from the work area. You should also keep a proper disposal container nearby.

Step 2 -- Tape Down the Tile Backing

Place the backing with tiles on it in a good spot on the cutting board or table and then use tape to attach it to the surface on which you'll be working. This is helpful at keeping the tiles in place while you cut, which ensures that you'll get a smooth, even cut that is exactly where you want it to be.

Step 3 -- Score the First Cut

Use the metal ruler or straight edge to determine where you'd like to cut the tiles. When you've determined the area of your first cut, use the tile scoring device to etch the first cut into the surface of the tiles. It should be laid over a row of tiles together. Move the scorer in a straight, even motion in order to ensure that the cut is even and smooth. If the pattern of the tiles will not allow for a straight cut, you may need to make multiple smaller cuts at different angles across the length of the tile.

Repeat the scoring process for any other cuts that do not bypass or intersect with the first cut.

Step 4 -- Break the Tile at the Cut

Once you've scored the cut into the tiles, you can then break the backing of the tiles to fit it into the proper dimensions. For thinner types of mosaic tile, grip both halves of the tile backing in your hands and break it by hand. Otherwise, use the wheeled tile cutters to trim the tiles at the point of the cut. Make sure to line the cutters up with the scored cut on the surface of the tiles. It's helpful to practice this on a few scrap tiles before you begin to cut the real glass tiles that you'll use for your project.

Separate the pieces from the rest of the tiles and trim any backing that is still holding together with scissors. The mosaic tile mat should now fit into the space you have cut it for.