How to Cut Into Limestone Tiles

What You'll Need
Diamond Wheel Tile Cutter/Machine
Safety Mask
Safety Goggles
Thick Heavy Gloves
Hose / Bottle

Cutting limestone tiles is a technical task and requires precision and accuracy. When cut precisely and assembled properly, limestone tiles can give a beautiful and rich look to your floor. They provide superior decor at half the rate of marble and other expensive stones. Properly cut limestone tiles are easier to maintain and last long.

Step 1- Precautions

Before you begin work, it is essential that you take precautions to avoid any accidents. While you cut limestone, the shattering fine particles can be dangerous. The shreds can cause minor scratches so keep a safe distance from the cutter. Clouds of limestone dust can cause different allergies. Do not ever cut tiles without wearing a proper safety mask. The particles could also affect your eyes so put on safety goggles. Also protect your hands by wearing thick heavy gloves. Make sure that the gloves fit your hand perfectly so that they do not hinder work. Lastly, wear thick, insulated old clothes.

Step 2- Area Selection

After you are safely dressed, you need to decide where to place the stone to cut it. You will need a hard, flat surface for your diamond wheel tile cutter. It is best to do the cutting outdoors because the flying particles can make a big mess which can be a hassle to clean later.

Next, you mark the areas for cutting on the tile with a chalk or pencil. Be very careful when you make your marks because one wrong mark will mean a badly shaped tile. Also, be sure the mark can be easily removed later, use a pencil or chalk.

Step 3-Preparing the Diamond Wheel Tile Cutter

Fill water bottles or get a hose and fill the drain of the diamond wheel tile cutter with water. Once it is full, switch on the tile cutter for at least two to three minutes and let the blade get wet. Once the blade is completely lubricated with the water, switch off the cutter and put the tile on the selected area.

 Step 4- Positioning the Limestone Tile

After your wheel tile cutter is ready, you need to place the tile in a way that the blade lays at the edge of the cut that was marked. The safety guard bar is to be kept as close as possible to the tile. Keep your hand away from the blade to avoid any injuries.

Next, switch on the diamond wheel tile cutter and push the tile against the blade smoothly and slowly. Be careful with your hands. After cutting all the pieces, turn the diamond wheel tile cutter off. Remove the tile pieces from the area and see if you need more cuts. Repeat the exercise if you want to cut more limestone tiles.