How To Cut Into Stucco Lath

Stucco lath is used as an alternative to metal laths and stucco netting for applying stucco to exterior walls. It usually comes in rolls and is much lighter than other materials used for the same purpose. It can be laid out either vertically or horizontally and is very easy to work with. They are impervious to rust as they are plastic, not metal like other lath materials.

Cut to Size
Using stucco lath for applying stucco to an exterior wall is very easy, you can easily cut it to size using a utility knife or even scissors.

Cutting on Wall
There will be times when you must cut the stucco lath while it is on the wall under the stucco. You can still cut it easily with a utility knife, but you must first remove the stucco. To remove the stucco you simply drill a pilot hole in the corner you need to remove and then using a carbide tip in a circular saw, cut out the section to expose the stucco lath. Cut the lath with a utility knife and remove from the wall.

Stucco laths are a great new improvement in the use of stucco for exterior siding.