How To Cut Into Your Slate Shingles How To Cut Into Your Slate Shingles

When replacing or repairing slate shingles it may be necessary to cut into the slate to get an exact fit in the space left by the damaged shingle.Cutting the slate is also necessary when adding a new slate shingle roof because the final shingle in each horizontal line must be cut to fit.

Knowing how to cut into your slate shingles will help you to take the work into your own hands.

Be Cautious

Cutting a slate shingle is a tricky job that must be executed carefully with the right tools and a certain amount of patience. This is due to the fact that slate is easily broken, chipped or cracked if mishandled.

Regular cutting utensils will be difficult with slate shingles. The correct tool to cut slate is a masonry blade. If you are not comfortable handling this tool, try a saw.

If you find you are breaking too many replacement shingles, don't hesitate to take the slate shingles into a home improvement store to have them cut professionally. Slate, after all, is expensive, brittle and hard to cut. Not every do-it-yourselfer is going to get it right. Be sure to bring your measurements to the store with you.

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